The laminate peels off of the card or does not adhere all the way

In either case the temperature is too low.

Unplug the laminator and allow it to cool all the way down. When the laminator is cool plug it back in and attempt a lamination test. Once the card feeds into the laminator it should heat up to around 175 degrees. The actual temperature varies but it should be within 15 in either direction.

If the LCD reads Lam1Cool or Lam2Cool and shows a temperature of above 200 degrees REPLACE LAMINATOR

If the LCD reads Lam1Warm or Lam2Warm but never really goes up REPLACE LAMINATOR

If neither of these is true and the laminator heats up to 175-ish and the laminate still doesn't adhere well adjust the lamination temp for that side.

Right-click on the printer and select "Printing Preferences."
On the "Lamination" tab adjust the slider to the right in increments of five degrees for whichever side(s) are not adhering properly.

If the problem persists adjust the dwell time upwards on the same "lamination" tab.

So far this has always been a setting change to fix but if you are SURE that the laminator is bad go ahead and REPLACE LAM