Dell Beep Code Meanings for CPUs

1-1-2 Processor Register Failure
1-1-3 NVRam
1-1-4 ROM Bios checksum failure
1-2-1 Programmable Interval Timer
1-2-2 DMA Initialization Failure
1-2-3 Direct Memory Access Page Register Read/Write Failure
1-3-1/2-4-4 Memory/RAM Not Properly Identified or Used
3-1-1 Slave DMA Registration Failure
3-1-2 Master DMA Registration Failure
3-1-3 Master Interrupt Mask Registration Failure
3-1-4 Slave Interrupt Mask Registration Failure
3-2-2 Interrupted Vector Loading Failure
3-2-4 Keyboard Controller (Input) Test Failure
3-3-1 NVRam Insufficient Power
3-3-2 Improperly configured NVRam
3-3-4 Video Memory(RAM) Test Failure
3-4-1 Screen Output Initialization Failure
3-4-2 Screen Retrace Failure
3-4-3 Failure Finding Video Read Only Memory
4-2-1 Lack of Time Tick
4-2-2 Shutdown Failure
4-2-3 Failure in Gate A20
4-2-4 Unexpected Interruption in Protect Mode
4-3-1 Memory Address Failure above 0FFFFH
4-3-4 Non Functioning Time Of Day Clock
4-4-1 Serial And/Or Parallel Port Test Failure
4-4-4 Cache Test Failure

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