D-70 will not move or zoomEdit

This problem is generally caused because the camera is not correctly connected to the edgeport. Ensure that the camera is plugged into the edgeport in the port that is set in Configuration and that on the back of the camera it is plugged into the IN port.

If it is connected correctly but still will not move make sure that the motor on the camera works by powercycling it. The camera should rotate on both axes. If it does not move the motor on the camera may be bad in which case you should REPLACE CAMERA.

There have been some instances in which a Java push disabled both the D-70's motion and the Barcode Scanner. Try reinstalling Java and test the motion again.

If none of this has resolved the issue there may be a problem with the Edgeport itself. If possible swap one in from another workstation to see if that resolves the problem. If it does or there is not one available REPLACE EDGEPORT.

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